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The Leo Group ...where experience, knowledge, and creative thinking converge . . . resulting in intelligent, exciting, productive and profitable solutions for business, government, associations, organizations and education

The Leo Group has a tradition of providing high quality custom information systems that support unique data collection, management, analysis,processing, reporting, and printing needs.

Services include Consulting, Needs Assessment, Custom Software Application Design and Development, Database Development, Database Administration, Application and Database Support Services, Data Encryption, Technology Integration, and Training.

& company ...extending the benefit of our experience, knowledge and creative thinking to small business

Swatara Station is the competitive marketing edge for small business, providing comprehensive, effective and affordable services that put the power of the internet to work at a local and regional level.

Web Sites and Services, Social Media Services, Hyper Active!!™ Promotional Services, Specialized Email Services, and Professional Content Development. Learn more at

Pulse Communications is our own online network built for rapid and/or targeted distribution of information. With 100+ venues (and growing) Pulse Communications can push your message regionally, nationally, internationally, and to audiences with a specific interest: food, wine, beer, spirits, weddings, vintage, travel, sports, health, music, politics, and more. Learn more by contacting Swatara Station, the Leo Group, or visit the Pulse Communications Web Site.

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